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    Can anyone recommend 28mm scale boats for Dwarf allies to go with my Trident Realms army?

    I need one to go on a 50X50mm base and have an organ gun or flamebelcher and 2 or 3 crew mounted on it. A coracle or small rowing boat would be good.

    I need two to hold Sharpshooter troops on cavalry troop bases (125X50mm), so canoes or long thin rowing boats.

    And I need one to fill a good part of an infantry regiment base (100X80mm), so a broad beamed barge or similar to take a regiment of Rangers.

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    There's quite a decent range set out here Ed. Some are probably a lot bigger than you are after though.

    It's pretty easy to make appropriate sized ones out of card/foam-board and balsa wood.

    There were White Dwarfs with some templates i seem to recall - a river patrol type thing with goblins attacking a dwarf paddlesteamer and also a LotR one with a corsair boat.


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      Thanks. There's some nice models there, but most are way too big for what I need. I've ordered a Whaler from Minimi, which I hope will do for the regiment, but I think I'm going to have to scratch build the smaller boats to fit on 50X50 and 125X50 bases.


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        These boats are pretty small and should fit decently even on troop bases (with a bit of overhang):
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          Those are nice boats. The MHW 006 would fit all right onto a cavalry troop base. The price is high though - especially factoring in 29.50 postage.

          I'm going to research boats made for a smaller scale 20mm or even 15mm and see whether I can find anything there.


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            Theres also the boat in the GW laketown house, from their Hobbit range. Could work, and you might be able to get one on Ebay. (or even buy the house, its refreshingly devoid of skulls)


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              That's a nice idea - though an expensive way to buy a boat unless you can find one on ebay! I've found the boats I need already though.

              For the 50X50 I got a life boat on ebay. It's meant to sit on a big model ship, but there's a few to be found at a reasonable price.

              For the 125X50 I got Zvezda medieval lifeboats (?!). It's 1:72 scale, but with some of the detail removed it looks OK and they weren't expensive.

              For the 100X80, my order for the Whaler never went through - it looks like that shop is on holiday at the moment. In the end I modelled a very basic raft out of balsa wood.

              Pictures of all of them will be on my Coral Reef Trident Realms / Neritican army thread in the Nerticans sub-forum soon.