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  • Vanguard bases

    I am sure I am missing something here but received Forces of Abyss today and have 20mm bases with a circular depression non of the minis have, do folk turn them over? Fill the hole?
    Also any assembly guidelines other than stare at pictures of the minis to figure out heads/weapons etc? Sorry new to these minis...

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    I think you use the side of the base that is suitable to your model, that's why the edges aren't angled the way many wargames bases are

    Assembly wise, if we are talking about the kickstarter set, yeah. Its all a bit confusing to me too. Some of the pieces have different shaped slots and corresponding bumps (for lack of a better term), but I just looked at the pictures. They could have made that much clearer


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      OK, thanks for the reply, I thought I saw a bit of an angle and thus they weren't meant to be turned over. I did search for pictures to help, and the box helps a little, but confusing is the word. A little help for newbies would be good.