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Naran Fantasy Wars: update of the MIKADO armies

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  • Naran Fantasy Wars: update of the MIKADO armies

    we updated the armies lists of the Mikado and the Drak Mikado with the inclusion of new tables with profiles of new Units and Individuals based on the miniatures of FORLON HOPE:

    We basically rebuilt - almost - completely the Dwarf army and added the Ashigaru Orcs and Goblins on wolf to the army of Nihon, by including some Units and Individuals of Goblins & Hobgoblins Mirliton (giving them from the standard army of these two races) .
    In addition to the army of Samurai (Men) we entered the Wako (pirates) and two Minotaur Samurai Giants, both of Forlon Hope.

    Sandro & Sergio
    Naran Team Torino

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    Those samurai dwarfs are amazingly cute

    It would be nice to also have pictures of the unpainted models (perhaps with a simple black wash over the metal) as the paintjob isn't particularly good I'm afraid, and I suspect there's some detail obscured.

    Could you show a comparison picture of one of the samurai orcs with a orc model from Mantic or GW?
    So long and thanks for all the Brains - My undead painting log on the Mantic forum