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  • Trouble posting to thread

    Good day

    I am trying to post a comment to a thread (Undead MSU in the undead army section specifically), but I keep getting an unexpected result.
    When I post, it shows as if I posted a blank comment, and shows a text box with an "Unapproved" text line.

    Not sure what to do or what am I doing wrong.

    Please help

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    Posts which are too long, contain too many links or contain suspect words are held in the moderation queue. Please don't keep posting the same material over an over in the hopes that it will get through.

    I've released a couple of your posts.


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      We also have some problem with the forum software at the moment, so moderators cannot access the moderation queue and must stumble upon the unapproved posts by luck.

      If you have posts that don't get released from the moderation queue within a reasonable time frame, feel free to PM a mod to get it fixed.
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