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okay, so how many miniatures do I need?

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  • okay, so how many miniatures do I need?

    Hello guys and gals!

    I backed the Dungeon Saga kickstarter and as such got a huge delivery of stuff, which I will soon start to look into. However, one of the reasons why I joined the campaign was actually to get some miniatures that could be used in KoW. As I didn't follow the FAWs or mission packs so far, I have no idea how many enemies are needed for each mission. So my question is fairly straight forward:

    What is the number of models I need on DS bases to play all of the missions properly? or the contrary: what of the KS miniatures can be directly used for other purposes?

    I hope my question is clear and someone of you guys here does know the game by heart

    cheers and thank you,
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    does nobody have an overview of the missions and necessary minions? :-/ or can that simply not be said as it is dynamic?
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      I think you need 2 of each of the miniature sets for each expansion - the KS comes with 3. The extras aren't used in the printed missions.


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        You pretty much can just use the scenario booklets, since you only have to worry about one room at a time, just see what is needed for the heaviest room. The few you got for any expansions are neat to have, and will bolster those you would have gotten if you got the expansion, so you will probably have a few extra. If you did not get the expansion for the special minis, then those can be switched to KoW. Other than that, I did not find there was a whole lot of 'extras' from the base game.
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          ah yeah good point. I think I got all the expansions. Feel like I should have said that. so that means, that everything in the expansion is basically free to use for something else?

          thanks guys
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