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  • Nightstalkers

    Building an Nightstalker army, I took the opportunity to make some DS rules. I think the 'stalkers are a perfect bad guy for DS. And with vangaurd giving us official minis, I thought I'd share what I've got so far. There's minions, a boss profile, overlord cards, and an intro scenario.

    I've done some testing, though not with bosses yet.

    What do you guys think?
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    Need to give it a proper read but with an initial scan it looks really good!

    Particularly like the new abilities for Minions aswell as the racial Mindthirst, not sure on Nemesis Form though but loving the Overlord card ideas. How has your testing gone so far? Do the minions feel different? Our limited range of stats is going to cause problems of similarity sooner or later.

    I've done some sketching out of a story line for a Nightstalkers expansion, but not got as far as any profiles etc yet, let alone the cards you have put together.


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      The basic guys, scarecrows and spectres, die very easily. Even the shadowhounds do too. Perhaps they should dodge on 1 or 2 hits and only die on the 3rd. In the scenarios I've run so far, I've always included portals to bring more scarecrows on. I've also tried to make the layout full of twisting corridors, so the heroes can't see everywhere. The horror element does come more from the cards and scenario.

      It's very true that the design space is limited. Reapers should be similar to orc morax. Scarecrows are worse zombies. Maybe the reapers should go up to 3 wounds each

      Perhaps a fear mechanic is needed. Say gain a fear token when you take a wound or are attacked from the rear, or you're outnumbered and alone. Lose one for killing a baddie. If you have X tokens, lose a pip from your best X dice when performing any action. Certain baddies could cause more fear.

      I'm not overly precious about Nemesis Form. It's meant to represent a point where the party can't tell which of the two identical people is their friend, and have no choice but to let them fight it out alone. A super doppelganger.

      Stealthy does very little. Twisting corridors mean you'll usually be close to the baddies anyway. Perhaps they should just gain a dice when defending against shooting.