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The Wrath of the Blood Crows

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  • The Wrath of the Blood Crows

    This adventure is a translation of the german promo "Der Zorn der Blutkrähen".

    There are two files: one has the adventure, and the other one the cards needed to play it (note that you only need one copy of the item card to play, but I decided to add a second one because there was enough space). You will also need a miniature to represent Runar.

    I'm not a native english speaker, and I'm sure that there will be mistakes: if you find any, tell me and I will correct them.

    I would like to thank eriochrome for sharing with me his blank Hero Card, it saved me a lot of work. Also, he already suggested some improvements.


    PD: some images have very poor quality if you open the PDF on your browser. They look fine when on Acrobat Reader.
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    Looks interesting, and I wouldn't worry, the language is fine.


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      Cards updated: Runar's feat and weapon text improved with the help of Eriochrome.