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  • Creating monsters and creatures

    Hi everyone

    Finally i decided to get me a copy of Dungeon Saga.
    Used to play a lot of ad&d when i was younger and getting a bit nostalgia. I have a lot of old preslotta "dungeon monsters", which i would like to use in future gaming and wondered if there is guideline for creating making stats for creatures ?


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    Short answer - no, not really.

    There is the Adventurers' Companion, though I don't think I can recommend it. It does have lists for a number of Mantica races, but created by someone with little knowledge of those races. They are also incomplete and horribly balanced.

    What kind of creatures are you thinking of?

    As a starting point, I'd say a basic human soldier would be Move 7 Dice 4 Armour 3 Wounds 2. Normal shooting ability is 3.