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My revised Bestiary: Abyssal Dwarfs & Ogres

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  • My revised Bestiary: Abyssal Dwarfs & Ogres

    In my gaming group, we really like the Adventurer's Companion, despite it's evident flaws. But we found some of the lists to be very short and in need of more variety, so I decided to revise some of them. I will post them here to get some feedback and hear your opinions and suggestions.

    Being a big fan of the old Warhammer Chaos Dwarfs, and seeing all the variety on the Mantic army, I found this list could have a lot more variety. Also, I tweaked the decimators a bit, giving them "Speed of a Bullet", which I think makes sense. I also gave an extra Armour point for Oger Warriors (to make them more different from Smashers, and also to increase difficulty with the Ogre list that we plan to use with stronger heroes).

    Blacksoul 6 4 3 5 Cunning Slam, Wounds (2)
    Immortal Guard 6 4 3 5 Brutal Hammer Time, W(2)
    Decimator 6 4/3 3 6 Warrior Speed of a Bullet, W (2)
    Abyssal Berserker 6 5 1 6 Brutal Frenzy (2), Wounds (2)
    Dragon Fire Team 6 4 3 8 Cunning Flamespit., Large, W (4)
    Halfbreed 8 4 3 7 Warrior Large*, Smash!, W (3)
    Gargoyle 7 4 2 5 Warrior Swoop, Wounds (2)
    Obsidian Golem 5 4 4 8 Brutal Large, W (6)
    Mutated Mastiff 4 2 1 2 Warrior Small
    * Halfbreeds can work as Large creatures, but maybe, just for players convenience, (simple) rules for a cavalry base can be created (front arc of 7 squares, rear arc of 3; same movement rules).

    Warrior 5 4 3 6 Warrior Large, Slam,W (4)
    Smasher 5 4 2 8 Brutal Large, Smash!, W (4)
    Berserker Brave 5 5 1 8 Brutal Frenzy (2),Large, W (4)
    Shooter 5 4/3 2 7 Brutal Large, W (4)
    Boomer 5 4/3 2 8 Brutal Large, Speed of a Bullet, W (4)
    Hunter 5 4 2 7 Cunning Hammer Time, Large, Nimble, W (4)
    Also, I would like to know if you mix different list in your custom missions: Orcs and Goblins are mixed on the Warlord of Galahir campaign, and Kings of War armies are able to get a % of allies.

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    How have they been working in custom missions? Particularly interested in the Ogres. Do you use the levels to write missions?

    Personally I feel most of the lists need rewriting from scratch. I'm reasonably happy with the Orc, Goblins and Undead that appear in the printed adventures, but pretty much everything else seems disconnected from the world of Mantica and is generic fantasy. For instance, in KoW, gargoyles heal incredibly quickly - that's just not represented in DS. In Mantica, vampires don't fly and wear full plate armour. In DS they have less armour than an armoured zombie and can fly. The levels are also a joke. Large creatures are massively undercosted.

    I'd work out a base profile for standard humans - probably M7 C4 A3 Slam (though a case can be made for Arm 2) and work from there.

    I hope the RC are working on this, which is I why I don't want to put too much effort into it myself, but I'd've gone with something like this:
    Name Mv Cm Arm Special
    Blacksoul 6 4 4 W(2) Slam
    Decimator 6 3 / 4 3 W(2) Speed of a Bullet
    Immortal Guard 6 5 4 W(2) Slam
    Beserker 7 5 2 W(2) Frenzy(2)
    Gargoyle 8 3 1 W(3) Swoop Recover 1 wound at the end of each round
    Lesser Golem 5 4 5 W(4) Large Hammer Time
    There should also be 2 profiles Blacksouls and Immortal Guard, 1 with 2 handed weapons.


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      We use the levels as a reference, but freely, because as you said, we didn't found them to be perfect. The lists definetively need massive rewritting, but I'm also hope Mantic or the RC do something about, and just added some entries to add a little variety. Abyssal Dwarfs are taken from the dwarf list (because we prefer the heroes to fight evil dwarfs), and the Ogres just have two new units. I'm not a Kings of War player, but I think it will be best if the models reflect how they work in the battle game, because they are supossed to be the same creatures in both worlds.
      I really like your idea for the gargoyles recovering health, but maybe an existing rule, like Regenerate, will work.

      Ogres are thougher than standard enemies, and useful to make things interesting against advenced heroes, but right now I had not used them alone, just giving suport to Undead and Orcs (I bought a starter army an made 3 smashers, 3 warriors, 2 shooters and 2 boomers, as I plan to make full Ogre dungeons soon).

      Thank you for your repply and feedback.


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        No problem. I'd also point out Orges are quicker than humans in KoW. I'd probably give them M8, and let the Large rule account for their clumsiness in confined spaces. If you don't play KoW, you might not know Ogre use "red" goblin archers (goblins who traditionally wear red) so you may want some of those in an ogre dungeon.

        And it seems we're all pinning a lot of hope on the RC

        Maybe someone from the RC can say what they're planning to do regarding the bestiary? Please?