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So, What's Going On With Dungeon Saga?

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    Evening folks,

    Thought I'd post some replies on the areas that I have any involvement or input in as it has been quiet in here of late.

    zgreg that's unfortunate to hear you say we've failed all your hopes (so far) and that any future RC work released would be too late to be relevant, I'd hope that any clarifications, fixes or improvements would be beneficial to anyone playing the game from that point onwards. I appreciate that it wasn't released prior to you completing the game the first time through, but DS is a game that is open to repeated play through's if you enjoyed it.

    In regards the difficulties you quoted, I think you may be overstating eriochrome 's comments slightly - open, frank and robust discussion occurs on many areas of content and is certainly welcomed. It simply means we're not being complacent and we hammer at area or issue that is unclear until it is well defined for future release.

    And thanks for the ideas - can't say I agree with the last bit in brackets

    Lambo - you pretty much smacked the nail on the head in regards our sources for FAQ input and the redundancy of the same questions repeated from Jakes blog. All submitted questions from previous and current forums or blogs related to Dungeon Saga have been collected and collated. So you're not alone in that thinking!

    Fyrax - appreciate the comments regarding Forum activity, from my own personal perspective I know I've been absent due to real life (the busiest 7 months I've ever experienced in my day job) and then working on the FAQ & Errata in between aswell as just playing some games. I'm still plugging away at some personal DS content (I released a Campaign-focused Character Sheet on the DS Fanatics facebook page a little while back) but nothing else that is in a state to be released currently - I'm trying to be less of an "ideas guy" and more of "released content guy", though the ideas side is still very active!
    I'm going to get back to being more regular on the forums again shortly (from a personal capacity atleast).

    In terms of news I'll say we have recently submitted a detailed FAQ & Errata for the Core game and each of the story/campaign expansions that Mantic are reviewing and will publish officially.

    The Adventurer's Companion FAQ & Errata is currently being worked through and will similarly be submitted in the near future for review and online release.

    In short summary, it unfortunately does take time to pull together all the questions and queries and hammer out clear & concise responses worthy of official FAQ and Errata submission - but it is coming. The RC is still pretty fresh-faced at this gig and in it's infancy, so that time is needed to make sure what we do release is good from the start. I'd also certainly be an advocate for more spotlight on Dungeon Saga such as Kings of War receives and the great content and input that it's (now mature) RC generates.

    Hope that helps.


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      cheers ezeqiel.


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        Well that was a much appreciated answer.
        I guess you can't tell us how the "Adventurer's Companion FAQ & Errata" will look like? If its just clarifications to the existing rules I don't think it will help much. In general I have no problems with the rules of DS... just that the Invisible OL and the uncharted Dungeons (and possibly the Character-progress-system) need to be more fleshed out.

        BTW: Nothing the rules commitee can help with but I recently though how great it would be if mantic released a campaign-system for DS equal to Gloomhaven. A big-box expansion with an alternate progression system perhaps...


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          I'll not assume that all DS players are KoW players (I wasn't initially), so for those of you who may not be aware of it check out the latest episode of the Counter Charge podcast for some details on Dungeon Saga coming up this year (Ep CC144, approx 25mins and 29mins for the juicer details, but it's a good listen the whole way through if interested in the Mantica world in general )


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            Thanks for the heads up...
            Basically it was:
            - The Rules Commitee is busy and coming up with great stuff (bit vague if you ask me)
            - There may be some scenarios for DS related to the KoW-Summer Campagne (

            Well they told us some time ago that they were planning on rekeasing a constant flow of new scenarios online... so far there were only those that were SGs during the KS - So I' say I believe it when I see it.

            Did I miss something?


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              So it's been a couple of months since the RC submitted the first FAQ to Mantic... any news on when it will actually get released?

              And for the summer campaign - what baddies should we expect to face? New heroes are all well and good, but I really want to see more enemies added (or abyssals totally redone).