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    I know we didn't get the promised background book after the Edge of the Abyss (something that stills ****es me off), but after re-reading the fluff we got in CoK18 I think there are some developments, and also some snippets and hints that are worth discussing.

    -Flooding of the Abyss: Ok, not my favourite part, mostly because I don't think it looks good in the map. So, demons need to breath (at least minor ones). Ok, I guess that can work one way or another (they have noses after all!). But from where are they gonna emerge now? Can they open portals anywhere?.
    The ancient being stirring up can be promising. Can it be Oskan itself?.

    - Ogre lands: Seems like they have been Brotherhooded!. I'm not sure if their lands can be inhabited again or not. Was this a conscious move by Mantic? Maybe they don't want the ogres to be constrained to a specific patch of land. I liked their steppe vibe, but I guess is not a bad move.

    - Release the kraken: My guess is that the Neriticans are the next race to be scattered around the world. I don't see which other purposes would serve to have the three realms bulldozed by a Giant Squig.

    - Agnih-Bhanu: I missed this guy in my first read, and his background actually drops some interesting information: Elemental lords, Primogenitors...and we confirm that other "Ancient gods" existed besides Korgaan (although we don't know if all of them are as bitter as the varangur's deity!).
    In a similar fashion, Apaphys background reveals that "Djinns of War" are a thing. I really hope all these concepts will get further development.

    - Darvled: I'm not sure what is the deal with this guy, but seems clear that he isn't exactly squeaky-clean. It could be a cool idea for a future campaign to have the humans led by an evil guy in a "race war", forcing the other races of Mantica to ally.

    So, what is everyone else impressions on this?

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    I dont think its a matter of demons need air, more like a demon that is put forth on the land operates under the ideas of something else on the land. We must always rember that demons in almost all mythos are based upon the ideas of the human mind. So even if they dont need air we assume they operate like that, and since demons are a human manifestation.... Also I should imagine that flooding the area would make doing even the most mundane task damn near impossible. Hey paint brush stop floating off damn it.


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      Lower abyssals are semi-corporeal, according to their fluff text. So breathing can go either way. They're not a manifestation of human minds (or other noble races), rather they are a manifestation of Oskan's mind. He created them, apparently with some reference as to what would scare people, and he is very much independent from the mortals. I feel we shouldn't import assumptions from other mythos, and people creating gods and demons is a particular problem, especially since we're told dwarfs were created by their goddess and not the other way round. We should also have just as wide a range of holy creatures and not just eholi.

      Personally I thought flooding the area was more about quenching the fire rather than directly killing things.

      We were told the Orge lands have been flooded - but the new sea doesn't come close to the ogre lands on the map. It looks as though the bulk of the frozen sea wouldn't flow through the ogre lands either. The Green Lady also promised to restore the ogre lands. It may be a rough time, but they can rebuild where they were. Actually it looks like the Abyssal Dwarfs will have more serious problems. Their cities are now surrounded by the new sea. I'd also suggest the Abyssal forces could use these cities as entry points to the world.

      I really hope the being isn't Oskan. There's another 26 Wicked Ones we know nothing about. And I don't think a being capable of sustaining the entire Abyssal civilization has any place on the table top. A champion of a lesser lord would be just fine thank you. A creature that spawns monstrous offspring would plug a gap in the abyssal list. Having more than the Chroneus would probably be a good thing.


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        I concur with the idea of quenching the fires rather than killing the demons. Maybe there is something in the ice that they melted, as it's a remnant of Winter's curse and that worked against the Abyss,or maybe that's what woke something up?

        Beyond that I think that the wall was actually a bit underwhelming on the map. It doesn't seem like it's as big or as long as my original vision had thought it would be. It seems to be more of an inconvenience to go around rather than an imposing barrier meant to stand as a testament to human ingenuity, but hey.