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Remnants of the Brotherhood - Where Do We Go?

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    I'm more clear on what I don't want the initiation to the Brotherhood to entail. It shouldn't include a high risk of death - initiates are useful and the Brotherhood can't be wasteful. In a similar vein, if sent on a quest, it shouldn't be pointless like hunting a beast for sport. Quests should probably given to groups, though not all need be elevated even if successful.


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      To answer the original question of this post, it looks like the answer (at least for this campaign) is the Kingdoms of Men.

      Take a look at this blog post if you haven't, ladies and gents. We'll need to email our results in for the first two weeks as the site won't be up. The email to do so, and the guidelines for these submissions, are in the blog post.


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        Now that The Brotherhood has lost their investments in static fortifications and static farm based revenue they need to reinvent their economic activities. They have also laid off most of their civil engineers. Building on unstable sites was a bad investment Naturally the civil engineers are blaming the structural engineers who are in turn blaming the geotechnical engineers for faulty site soil analyses, but that is another story. Engineer in-feuding is painfully boring to outsiders.

        The nomadic way of life has called to many of The Brotherhood and they have become mobile merchants and provide security for caravans. Not an easy transition for the Heavy Cavalry but the Light Cavalry have become more proficient as has their Light Infantry who are now excelling at skirmishing and scouting.

        The nomadic life of the boatman has also attracted many, particularly the fighters who can not afford to sustain their mounts. Their fighting qualities and affinity for Water Magic has made them premier Naval Infantry for the rivers, lakes and seas of Mantica. Many of them are starting to get sweat equity in boats from merchants who appreciate their merit based social system and fighting spirit.

        One common feature of all boatmen is sureness of foot. Some of their premier Naval Infantry are becoming Nimble. A downside to Naval Infantry is minimal armor, so their Defense is being adjusted accordingly. This will inevitably lead to new units and formations for the Sea Soldiers.
        2017: Bought a big school of TR Fishpeople, still busy glueing fins and tridents.