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CC 278 - Vanguard 2 - Kill The Bard!

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  • CC 278 - Vanguard 2 - Kill The Bard!

    This is the second episode in our Vanguard pre-release coverage!

    In this episode Mark, Jeremy, and Ben are joined by Ronnie Renton! Ronnie does what Ronnie does best and tell all about Vanguard from his perspective and much more! Settle back with the beverage of your choice and enjoy the show!

    Here is the website for the Renegade Open:

    The Renegade Open is November 17-18, 2018 in Plymouth, Minnesota!

    Follow them on Twitter at @TheRenegadeOpen

    Please try to make Puck and Jon add more tables!!!

    Listen to 278 - Vanguard 2 - Kill The Bard! from Counter Charge - Your Podcast For All Things Kings of War in Podcasts.