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CC 269 - TNW7 - All Hail The Brotherhood!

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  • CC 269 - TNW7 - All Hail The Brotherhood!

    Today Mark and Daniel are joined in the Narrative Workshop by Duncan Waugh (the author of the upcoming Kings of War anthology) and Andrew Summers (Brotherhood player extraordinaire) as we take a deep dive into the Brotherhood.

    As usual we explore the current fluff, then we discuss Duncan's upcoming story and thoughts on the Brotherhood, then in the army section Andrew and Mark take a look at Andrew's tournament list as well as presenting some 500 and 1,000 point Brotherhood lists to get you started playing. Andrew and Mark also discuss the models you could use to bring your Brotherhood force to life on the tabletop.

    This is an action packed episode, and we hope you enjoy!

    Listen to 269 - TNW7 - All Hail The Brotherhood! from Counter Charge - Your Podcast For All Things Kings of War in Podcasts.