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KOW International Campaign Day #4! August 24-25 2018

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  • KOW International Campaign Day #4! August 24-25 2018

    It's that time of year again, the ICD weekend has been selected and we're going to start gearing up once again!

    Like always, we start the process by collecting the Location Leaders for the various locations around the globe.

    What is a Location Lead?

    Basically this is a person who acts as the onsite representative of the event to collect and convey information throughout the gaming. These people will be organizing/hosting/sponsoring the games in their area/LGS/garage/Basement who are willing to collect and report in electronically the results of their site to the dedicated tracking sheet. Since the scenarios will be pre-made and the times set, the main responsibility of a Location Lead is to keep games running on time and report results on time between rounds. From there the bonuses will be determined and communicated back out (via our main facebook link).

    Location Leaders who wish to sign up can contact me (PM me or find me on Facebook, or email me from my Contact Email listed on ) or Kris Kapsner (via Facebook) so that we can get you added to the Location Leader document and into the communication emails (there will not be too many emails, other than a few logistical pieces and instructions on how to tabulate).

    If you want your site to participate select 1 person to be your Location Leader and have that person contact us with the following information:

    Email Address
    Location: City, State, Country
    (If GameStore include the name of the store)
    Guesstimate # of players

    After we tabulate enough areas, we will start posting all the locations so everyone can see who's taking part (it usually takes a few weeks to get the first list posted, so don't get too anxious).

    You can find information/ discussion on our facebook link:
    Lonewolf Tournament Organizer
    USA Masters South Committee Chair
    TheBeerPhase Podcast
    Hangover Hero of Texas
    Fightin' Texas Aggie.

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    Will spread the word around Brisbane for this


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      We will run this at Warborne, on the south coast UK.