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Rescheduled Rushden Rumble 12th May 2018

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  • Rescheduled Rushden Rumble 12th May 2018

    We are rescheduling the Rushden Rumble 2018 for the 12th May 2018 due to the bad weather cancellation of the original date. This is now going to be a 2000 points singles KoW tournament in which you will need to bring a "free" mercenary giant (cost = 0vps). We are incorporating the Best surviving Giant points and awards for this. I have redone the rulespack from being a doubles tournament to a singles tournament.

    We will be using clocks at 60 mins each plus 5 mins of getting to know your opponent and the vagaries of the table terrain. This will be at the Phoenix Gaming Club in Rushden at the usual venue in the Scout's Hall. We will open doors for 9.00am to register and we expect to commence the first round at 09.30 or earlier if people are ready.
    We will be using the new Clash of Kings 2018 book for all rule changes. More information will be in the pack including the mercenary Giant stats and rules.
    There will be three scenarios as detailed however the first has been tweaked a little to add some extra excitement (or dread).

    Event fee is 14 if paying to the club treasurer Stephen Mawson or 15 each payable to Paypal address There will be lots of doughnuts /cakes in the morning, plus free coffee / tea / squash throughout the day. Lunch is not provided but there is a haven of food outlets around us including a pub across the road.
    There is quite a bit of support for this one so hurry up and sign up. If you missed out for the original date because of other circumstances take a pop now.
    We will also be reinstating the free raffle as a thanks to people who have supported and is free. Throughout the course of the day for each battle if you win you get 3 raffle tickets , if you draw you get 2 and if you lose you get 1. So even people on the lower tables have a chance to go away with something.
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      Rulespack corrected slightly (see above)


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        Still places left for the rescheduled Rushden Rumble 2018 so far we have had a few drop outs due to many reasons so thus far we have a confirmed and unconfirmed list .

        1) Simon Robinson
        2) Julie Stevens Paid
        3) Neil (Lync) Randall Paid
        4) Warren Stevens Paid
        5) Alex Lover Paid
        6) Dominic Staveacre Paid
        7) Ian Davies Paid
        8) Rob Phipps paid
        9) John Quayle paid
        10) Jack Wilkinson (interested)
        11) Ian Sturgess

        If there are no historical players then this will be a ranked tournament.
        We have had 7 drop outs over the last two weeks due to other functions and family commitments so it looks like a small affair so far. If anybody else wishes to join in please let me know. (edit 11th April)
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          I have two spare giants that I can lend out for the day - first ask first served. Please let me know.


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            Only one spare Giant left now.


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              Draw courtesy of my youngest daughter

              1) Julie Stevens TK vs Ian Davies Abyssals
              2) Warren Stevens Undead vs Alex Lover Orcs
              3) Jack Wilkinson Nature vs John Quayle EoD
              4) Simon Robinson Varangur vs Rob Phipps KoM Spartans
              5) Dominic Staveacre Orcs vs Ian Sturgess Elves


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                Here are the results from the Rushden Rumble 2018 singles tournament
                1. John Quayle (EoD) 69 pts + 15 Mantic Voucher
                2. Rob Phipps (KoM) 61pts
                3. Ian Davies (Abyssals) 54pts - Vp diff +1875
                4. Ian Sturgess (Elves) 54pts Vp diff +1575
                5. Dominic Staveacre (Orcs) 48pts
                6. Alex Lover (Orcs) 44 pts
                7. Warren Stevens (Undead) 37pts
                8. Jack Wilkinson (Nature) 36pts
                9. Simon Robinson (Varangur) 20pts
                10. Julie Stevens (Twilight Kin) 12pts
                Best painted Army and recipient of the 30 voucher courtesy of Kromlech : Rob Phipps
                Best Surviving Giant - 15 Mantic Voucher Simon Robinson
                Best Phoenix Player : Jack Wilkinson
                Best Sports : Dominic Staveacre

                Thanks to all who attended it was great fun! Hope everybody liked the free raffle at the end.