UPDATE: V2 Fancy Cards are done!

I will continue to correct errors- feel free to continue to submit those.

Next up is the magic item cards, then the printer friendly card format for units and artefacts.

After that, perhaps the table tents, but I will likely work on playing card sized cards so you can stick them in a spare card box.

If you would like to translate these cards, please contact me. If you are not familiar with basic data merges, I can provide you with the raw data file that you can translate and send back to me so I can run the cards in the new language and link to them here. I would also like a translation of the red text below, so I can add it to the files.

If anyone would like to host these cards (translated or not) on their own site, please contact me. I don't mind as long as you do the following:

1) Contact me first. I will want to link to your site.
2) Include the red text below on the download site in some way, in the language of the intended audience (in other words, if you're translating the cards into Spanish, translate the red text and place the translation on your site, too).
3) Please link back to this page and credit me for the layout.
These documents are not published by Mantic Games.

Kings of War and all associated logos are property of Mantic Games and are used with permission. No challenge to Mantic’'s intellectual property is intended.

These references require a copy of the Kings of War rule set, which is available from the Mantic Games website:

I recommend 4 to a page for 3x5, though I imagine 2, 6, or maybe even 9 to a page (if you need a vision test). The magic artefacts will print to a couple of sheets of 8.5x11 or A4 paper.

Fancy Cards- these are the old format with the parchment image backing:

Kingdoms of Men
Forces of Nature
Forces of the Abyss
Abyssal Dwarfs

Twilight Kin (Placeholder List)

I have included separate cards for some options, like mounts, wings, chariots, and so on. It should make things a bit more clear.

Feel free to leave feedback here- I want these to be as useful as they can be.